Opening Night: Marjorie Prime at the CTG/Mark Taper Forum

A play about memory and turquoise shoes—with Courtney Love in the audience


There is something very soothing about Jordan Harrison’s new play Marjorie Prime. Maybe it’s the beige set or the subdued costumes accented by terrific shoes (apparently we will all be wearing sculptural turquoise shoes in the future). Maybe it’s actress Lois Smith’s hypnotic voice (She earned a Tony Award noms for The Grapes of Wrath and Buried Child and has appeared onscreen in True Blood and The Minority Report). Maybe it was the fact that Courtney Love was in the audience to support pal Harrison on opening night and wearing a very demure tweed skirt. Whatever it was, the first night crowd enjoyed a tale of memory and what it means to be human—and not human. Afterwards, everyone hit Kendalls (a new CTG tradition) with cast members Smith, Jeff Ward, Frank Wood (a Tony Award winner for Sideman), Lisa Emery, playwright Jordan Harrison, and director Les Waters. Love hung out near the bar and generally just looked fabulous (check out the pictures). I kind of wanted Smith to pull me out of the throng and say in a low voice, “Find the minority report,” but then that is another sci-fi story altogether. Marjorie Prime will be at The CTG/Mark Taper forum until October 19.

Photographs by Ryan Miller / Capture Imaging