Opening Night: Cinderella at the Ahmanson Theatre

Theatre-goers wore crowns and fluffy gowns to the opening of the Rodgers + Hammerstein production and there was a <em>Nanny</em> reunion

People pouring into the Ahmanson Theatre last night for the opening night of Rodgers + Hammerstein’s Cinderella wore elaborate purple dresses, faux fur vests, and crowns of varying size and shape. Okay, so everyone playing dress up were ages ten and under, but there were some fantastic wee princes and princesses in royal attire. The show is great fun and the blink-and-you-miss it dress changes that Cinderella makes made the audience gasp (and not just the ten and under set). Fran Drescher plays the wicked stepmother role and her Nanny co-stars Charles Shaughnessy (who played Maxwell Sheffield on the series) and Renee Taylor (she played Drescher’s mother on the show – Silvya Fine) sat a few rows from the stage to see her perform. My favorite character? Crazy Marie who gets one of the best lines in the show, “There are a lot of crazy women in beautiful dresses.” And there’s more to Marie than meets the eye. Need everyone to live happily ever after? Check out the show, which doesn’t end at midnight but runs until April 26th.