Scanning the Dead Sea Scrolls at the California Science Center

Going too fast, Indiana Jones? Slow down and check out the oldest known copies of the Hebrew Bible

I had an Indiana Jones moment the other night with the California Science Center’s Dead Sea Scrolls: The Exhibition (guests at the Center’s annual Discovery Ball, which I attended, got a sneak peek). Looking down upon the oldest known copies of the Hebrew Bible aka the Old Testament made me get butterflies in my stomach (cue the theme music: Da-dadada). It’s an exhibit, the largest mounted outside of Israel, that simply makes you hold your breath as you look upon 10 remnants of what goat herders discovered in clay pots  inside caves in Israel’s Dead Sea around 1947. Another part of the exhibit that captivated me highlights a copy of a scroll containing the 10 Commandments. When you hit a button it lights up the Commandment in the text and reads it to you. Or, you can read it yourself if you are fluent in Paleo-Hebrew. There are also 600 other artifacts in the exhibit and an IMAX movie, Jerusalem (3D and narrated by Benedict Cumberbatch, no less). They say things live on the Internet forever, but why not go check out something that has been around since 250 BCE. The exhibit opened yesterday and runs until September 7th .