Magic City Premiere

Starz’s new costume drama gets it right. Party at 11

You know it’s going to be a good party when the invitation you receive is heavy enough to surf on. Starz premed it’s new original series Magic City at the DGA with an afterparty down the street at Chateau Marmont. Oh, this costume drama is sweet. Set in 1959 Miami, the first episode follows hotelier Ike Evans (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) on New Year’s Eve as Sinatra is playing at Evan’s swank hotel, the Miramar Playa, and the union is picketing his front door. Danny Huston plays Ike’s not-so-silent partner Ben “The Butcher” Diamond and Evan’s pretty, pretty new wife Vera is portrayed by Olga Kurylenko. The cast turned to watch themselves onscreen and as the lights went out I caught Bill Murray ducking into a seat. This makes sense when you realize that this stylish show is written and produced by Mitch Glazer (he wrote Scrooged and was associate producer on Lost In Translation). I run into Glazer and his wife Kelly Lynch (she is also in upcoming episodes) a lot at parties, and they host soirees at their home (a great Lautner pad in the hills) and it was nice to see him at a party for his own creation. The show was really personal for him, as his father was an electrical engineer for Miami’s glam hotels in the 50s/60s and Glazer first set foot in their perfumed aired lobbies at 7-years-old. “I can’t wait for you to see this show,” he said before the lights dimmed, “I wanted to celebrate this time, this hotel. If I were writing a scene, a giant meteorite would just take me out now.”

Once you got your car out of the DGA underground parking (it is my ultimate fear to get stuck down there during an earthquake) you drove down Sunset to the Chateau (this isn’t L.A. bull, you had to drive – too far). I didn’t think Murray would stay for the packed party but there he was celebrating with Glazer while a Cuban jazz band played on. Damian Lewis showed up later in the evening along with Gerard Butler, who talked to a model-type most of the night. Butler ducked the camera yet again. The joint was so packed you stopped being able to move pretty early on in the evening. I’ll have to get Starz now. The first episode debuts on April 6th. They’ve put the first three episodes up on their Web site though. The first taste is free, check it out

Photographs courtesy Starz