Liev Schreiber Pulls Double-Duty Directing the Next Episode of Ray Donovan

Catch the actor’s television directorial debut this Sunday—hopefully his kids approve

Showtime’s party for the second season of Ray Donovan was so good I am still thinking about it. Everyone popped by the Malibu Cinemas to catch the first episode and then partied into the night at Nobu. The evening included fantastic fireworks shot over the Pacific. On the blue carpet, steps from the ocean, the cast, including Liev Schreiber, made their way into the restaurant. Schreiber chatted about the show where he plays Hollywood fixer, Ray Donovan (Jon Voight is up for the Emmy on Monday for his role at Schreiber’s father Mickey). It’s a terrific show and it’s hard to imagine there are people that don’t enjoy it, but Schreiber said there were two—his children, “They don’t like Ray Donovan,” he began, “Because they know that’s the thing that keeps me away from home all the time. My son said to me the other day, ‘Daddy I wish you weren’t an actor,’ and I was like why? And he said ‘Its so annoying cause you work so much.’ Why on earth did I become an actor in the first place? So I didn’t have to work. Ya know?”

Well, hopefully his kids like that he’s adding television director to his resume. Schreiber directs and stars in Sunday’s episode entitled “Walk this Way”, marking his television directorial debut. The episode is being billed as a “game-changer” involving his tv son Conor’s birthday. The Emmys fall on Monday (Sunday night is free), so check it out when it airs on the 24th.


Photograph by Eric Charbonneau/Univision for Showtime/AP Images