LACMA’s Art + Film Gala Wins Best Guest List Award

The Los Angeles County Museum of Art raised $3.5 mil at the party of the year

I’ve been doing this awhile. After 16 years of running around fundraisers, I will fess up to being the gal who sometimes leaves when Elton John sits down to sing Rocket Man…again. I may be hard to impress. So, when I say LACMA’s Art + Film Gala was the party of the year, you can take it to the bank. I showed up early to the museum’s second annual affair (this year honoring artist Ed Ruscha and director Stanley Kubrick) only to be given a handler aka someone to stick with me to make sure I wouldn’t bother folks with pesky questions. It could also be that I have been known to mention I’d like my $18 back from Robert Pattinson (who was there) for having to sit through the third Twilight movie. I PROMISE I really won’t do it. My handler was very nice, and unlike Disney who also gives you minders as well, not so burly. I got the scoop early on that Leo was filming in NY. This party was so chuck full with artists, muckities and celebs that it really didn’t matter that DiCaprio had better things to do. Here’s who showed up, some wearing fantastic ensembles (well, GUCCI was a sponsor!):

Celeb-types: Will Ferrell (minus his scraggly beard but he’s kept a Ron Burgundy mustache), Tom Hanks, Rosanna Arquette, Armie Hammer, Leonard Nimoy (all making their second stop on the museum gala circuit following the Hammer todo); Jennifer Aniston; Steven Spielberg, PSY, Drew Barrymore; Cameron Diaz; three Kubrick collaborators—Jack Nicholson, Malcolm McDowell and Ryan O’Neal; Diane Keaton; Florence Welch (who performed at dinner); Evan Rachel Wood (who sang during cocktails); Annette Bening, Warren Beatty, Jeremy Renner and Salma Hayek (I’ll run out of room if I mention them all…).

Artists: Doug Aitken, John Baldessari, Catherine Opie,Robert Irwin, Barbara Kruger, Bill Viola, Marnie Weber, Mark Grotjahn and Retna (among others).

Muckities: Terry Semel, Bob Iger, Brian Grazer (you could even tell it was him in the dark by the shadow of his spiky hair), Les Moonves, Darren Star, Jerry Bruckheimer, Colleen Bell, David C. Bohnett, Bryan Lourd, Lynda Resnick, Bob Daly, Francois-Henri Pinault, Hawk Koch, Dawn Hudson, Brad Grey and Zev Yaroslavsky (among others).

At cocktails all the hotties tried to angle next to Robert Pattinson who was oblivious and spent most of his time laughing with Florence Welch of Florence + The Machine (who may have been chosen for this affair given the “+” in the band’s name). Everyone got a snap in front of Chris Burden’s Urban Lights. Ellen Barkin wanted to take a classy pic and set her cigarette down before the photog snapped. It was also great to see so many fashion folk too: Anna Wintour (I did a double-take as she was minus her glasses), Monique Lhuillier plus Kate and Laura Mulleavy. One of the last to head up to the pavilion for dinner was Tom Hanks who hung out at the bar until the last moment, but once Jack Nicholson ambled up the walk it was time to mingle some more. Bravo Michael Govan and LACMA. In the end they raked in $3.5 mil.