L.A. Beats Cancer: Cocktails For a Cure

Who knew that drinking a watermelon margarita could do so much good?

The chic crowd gathered at Hyde the other night was impressive (politicos, power couples) for Phil Tate and Co.’s first Cocktails for a Cure – L.A. Beats Cancer fundraiser. The event was in honor of Tate’s late wife Liz Smagala Tate, who lost her battle with the disease just last year. This year, (her birthday was yesterday) became a heartfelt fundraiser for the org that raised nearly $95,000 for breast cancer research at UCLA. Mayor Garcetti taped a video message for those gathered, and the honorary hosts included everyone from City Controller Ron Galperin to just about every L.A. City Councilmember past and present. L.A. Beats Cancer Founder Tate got up to speak shortly after the Mayor’s message,

“Liz’s entire life was about overachieving, about beating odds, it was about pulling herself up…When she got sick, we thought, wow, this is shitty luck. Kinda like being kicked out of your country or being on welfare or any of the other adversity she faced in her life. But she’s gonna get through it because it’s Liz,” Tate said (at that point, I knew why there were three boxes of Kleenex on the table next to me).

“The research that UCLA is doing right now is cutting edge,” Tate continued, “the breakthroughs are coming. And what’s amazing now is that it’s really more about techniques that they are learning how to use and so when they make a breakthrough they’re quickly able to cross-apply it to other cancers and so there is the hope that one day, ‘I’m sorry you have cancer’ will kind of be like ‘Oh, I’m sorry you have plaque psoriasis.’ It’s an inconvenience, it sucks, but you’ll get through it.”

Partiers then hit the silent auction for items like trips to Vegas, New York (with Late Night tickets), good Dodger seats, and Pilates classes. It was a terrific first event for the org and a do-gooder shout-out to SBE who donated the club, canapés, and drinks for the cause.