See Jimmy Fallon’s Opening for The Tonight Show’s Stint in L.A.

His <em>Fresh Prince of Bel Air</em> parody is inspired and we like The Apple Pan, too

Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey L.A. Jimmy Fallon is taking a break from winter in New York and taping The Tonight Show back in Los Angeles until Thursday. The show taped here for 42 years before moving to the East Coast a year ago. They are filming up at NBCUniversal in the soundstage where Chelsea Lately once filled seats. Fallon’s West Coast telecast opener Tuesday night? A Fresh Prince of Bel Air homage starring Jimmy, The Roots, and sidekick Steve Higgins plus cameos from Alfonso Ribeiro (doing the Carlton dance) and DJ Jazzy Jeff.

You gotta also love Jimmy for sharing his version of a My LA to Z when he rattled off his L.A. memories and haunts Tuesday night (learning improv on Melrose, taking acting classes from Helen Hunt’s dad, Gordon, and enjoying Groundlings classes with Jim Wise). Jimmy also gave shout-outs to the “good Gelsons” in Marina Del Rey, Aunt Kizzy’s Back Porch (now closed, sadly), Patrick’s Roadhouse, The Apple Pan, Johnny’s Pastrami, and driving down Sunset Boulevard. (Now that there is a Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon billboard, don’t you think?).

Welcome back to L.A. “Fresh Host of Tonight!”