Jason Bateman Goes to the Movies…A Lot


“I’m here once a week, it’s great to be up here. I’m usually out there!” Jason Bateman said, gesturing to the audience at the ArcLight Hollywood following a screening of his new flick Bad Words (in which he directs and stars). Writer Andrew Dodge was in the audience last week as were a few of the kids/actors who appear in raunchy yet sweet flick about a curmudgeonly 40-year-old (Bateman) who makes it to the National Spelling Bee via a loophole in the contest’s rules–well–and the fact the he’s an awesome speller. What did I learn from the happy-go-lucky Bateman (other than he frequents the Arclight?) Here are some fun facts:

He wasn’t his own first choice to play leading man Guy Trilby: “I just wanted to direct it. I asked a few very talented actors to play the part and they all said no.”

Working with children? “I mean how great was that kid?” Bateman asked after the lights went up referring to his adorable foil Rohan Chand. “He’s the light, the balance to the prick that is Guy Trilby. I started acting at about Rohan’s age on Little House On The Prairie. Rohan was really flexible with me. He made my job very easy.”

What doesn’t interest him about directing? “I love it all, but I’d have to say costume design. I’m a guy. Clothes, puh-lease. But I should learn.”

On his career: “I’m just super grateful. Arrested Development gave me the opportunity to keep working. When you get another at bat, you try harder.”

Check out this dark flick. It is funny and cringe-worthy at the same time. How bad can any movie be that features Studio City’s Sportman’s Lodge? Bad Words is in cinemas now.

Photograph by Arclight Cinemas