I’ll Have What She’s Having: MoCA Honors Women In The Arts


I need to hang out with the Museum of Contemporary Art ladies more often. The din in the Beverly Wilshire’s ballroom (a place that can be a tad subdued on occasion) was so loud with the chatter of excited gals that the only person who could get us to shut it was host Sharon Stone. She handed awards to four worthy artists: Lita Albuqurque, Helen Pashgian, Nancy Rubins and Betye Saar. “The true owner of a work of art is the viewer,” Pashgian said quoting her friend and fellow artist David Hockney. “We need to remind ourselves what it is about,” she continued referring to galas and the like.

This, however, was one fundraiser worth two hours of your afternoon. Terrific company like Annie Philbin, Bettina Korek, Sharon Stone, Event Chair Ricki Ring, Dallas Price-Van Breda, Fran Greysen, Olga Kurylenko, Jo Champa, Liz Goldwyn, Julia Sorkin, Monique Llhuillier, Barbara Kruger, Rose McGowan, Marti Oppenheimer, Elizabeth An and Catherine An, and fella artist Chris Burden (a handful of gents were in attendance).

Cornish game hen was on the menu—delish albeit a bit tricky to eat. All was followed by a fashion presentation (not a fashion show) by Just One Eye. They weren’t models but dancers onstage, and the performers had me even before the men whipped off their shirts while spinning on their heads. As one of the ladies at my table said, “That was not fashion, that was art.”

Photographs by Stefanie Keenan / WireImage