Good Times Onstage and Off at the Film Independent Spirit Awards

<em>Birdman</em> flies away with three awards and Julianne Moore is looking forward to finally…eating


The sun was shining, the bottles of Heineken were popping, and the fans were screaming on the sand at Santa Monica Beach this afternoon for the 30th Film Independent Spirit Awards. Fred Armisen and Kristen Bell joked and sang. The hosts’ opening tune, “I’m a little bit indie…I’m a little bit studio,” is still stuck in my head. Birdman won the most winged trophies, swooping up Best Feature, Best Cinematography, and Best Male Lead. Boyhood took home Best Director and Best Supporting Actress and the tent erupted each time Nightcrawler won—which it did for Best First Feature and Best Screenplay. Here’s what else happened onstage and off.


Can you really make Alzheimer’s jokes? Armisen did repeating “How about Julianne Moore’s performance in Still Alice?” About three times pretending to forget he’d just said it.

Paul Thomas Anderson must have lost his bags on sponsor American Airlines. As he hit the podium with the Inherent Vice cast he made a point to mention, “Don’t fly American Airlines, they will f—ing lose your luggage.”

Jared Leto wins the most colorful outfit award, lighting up the Twitter-verse with speculation as to where he got his intricately patterned jacket (answer: Balmain). He topped it off with a fedora.

Julianne Moore got in the indie spirit, saying, “We shot Still Alice in 23 days for $4 million. I brought my own bras and food.”


About 15 minutes before the show started I noticed someone standing outside the tent with a zippered short pink dress. About a half hour later Marisa Tomei appeared in it onstage. Where did she change? It’s a mystery.

Best Supporting Female winner Patricia Arquette divulged that at one point she wasn’t sure whether she “would be a mid-wife or an actor.”

Best Female Lead winner Julianne Moore, when asked what she was doing after award season was over, exclaimed, “Eating!” without hesitation.

Michael Keaton had some fun with the old question, “What are you going to do with the award?” His answer? “Put it next to the Pulitzer.” And if he wins an Academy Award on Sunday? “That goes right next to the Nobel.”