Brace Yourselves, Golden Globe Watchers: Bill Murray is Back

The actor is nominated for Best Actor, Motion Picture, Musical or Comedy for his role in <em>St. Vincent</em>, but we’re still admiring his 2004 acceptance speech

This Sunday’s Golden Globe Awards are exciting for many reason, but one of the things making the corners of my mouth turn up before the show begins is Bill Murray’s nomination in the Best Actor, Motion Picture, Musical or Comedy category. He’s up for his role in St. Vincent, but remember when he won a Globe in 2004 for Sofia Coppola’s Lost In Translation? His acceptance speech had a little something for everyone (well, except the suits at Universal and Focus). In the small world department, he’s up against Ralph Fiennes (who is up for his role in Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel). Murray was filming Anderson’s The Life Aquatic in 2004. So don’t take a drink if Murray wins on Sunday (good luck squeaking past Michael Keaton) and approaches the mic, or it might be spit-take time.

It’s an amazingly kooky list of actors in the Best Actor, Motion Picture, Musical or Comedy category. Wouldn’t Michael Keaton, Ralph Fiennes, Bill Murray, Joaquin Phoenix, and Christoph Waltz make a fantastic barbershop quartet on The Tonight Show (hint, hint Jimmy Fallon)? Frankly, it will be worth tuning in to see any of these fellas onstage at The Beverly Hilton. While we wait, here’s Murray’s speech from 2004…