The Golden Globes: It’s Not a Party. It’s HBO

Event designer Billy Butchkavitz spills on the future fete’s over-the-top details

HBO has claimed their poolside location at the Beverly Hilton for an ultra-glam Golden Globes after party for 14 years now. The cable network leads the television categories at this year’s awards with (count ’em) 15 nominations, and this year’s party’s theme is just as big. Event designer Billy Butchkavitz says he was inspired by an early 1930s movie set designed by Cedric Gibbons. Imagine: There will be a dramatic golden staircase descending from a 24-foot-high upholstered perimeter wall, evoking the look of a grand Old Hollywood musical (we’re liking this already). More than 1,000 guests like noms Matthew McConaughey, Lena Dunham, and the cast of Game of Thrones will cavort in a French-themed blue and gold hued setting, where gardenias and cream garden roses will cascade from golden pedestal bowls. Whew! The only thing missing is Calise on a jewel-encrusted barge in the middle of the pool.

Other fetes at the Beverly Hilton Golden Globe’s night will be hosted by Fox, NBC/Universal, InStyle/Warner Bros, Paramount, and Weinstein/Netflix.