The Golden Globes: Backstage Moments and the Party Crawl

People may still be raising a glass to <em>Boyhood</em> and <em>Birdman</em> at the party that never ends

Last night’s Golden Globes had many awwww-inducing moments onstage and backstage at the Beverly Hilton and the parties may actually still be in full swing. George Clooney showed up to the pressroom after accepting his Cecil B. DeMille award. “I’m wearing my wedding tux,” he said (cue the awwwws). Jane The Virgin’s Gina Rodriguez provided another refreshing moment when she popped backstage still crying but able to be extremely articulate after her win. “When you dream and follow your dreams you give others the allowance to do it themselves,” she said. Common and John Legend took the pressroom stage together after Common thanked “God and the Hollywood Foreign Press” (in that order). Did he know he was going to win? “I hoped for it, I wanted it, I prayed for it,” he said. And the freestyle he did onstage? “It’s always best to be prepared.”

Patricia Arquette was still reeling from her Boyhood win as she celebrated backstage and Jeffrey Tambor fought back tears in front of the pressroom’s blue backdrop. “I’m 70 years old,” he explained, “These [parts] don’t come along. My hands shook every day, not for the reviews or awards, but just to get it right.” It was also nice to see Billy Bob Thorton on the winner’s podium again for Fargo. “Do you guys remember the television series Columbo,” he said to the press corps backstage, “Did you ever notice that the murder weapon was something like this?” He walk talking about his Golden Globe statue. Michael Keaton had everyone going onstage with his “Best friend” speech and continued backstage despite having a headache that started about an hour into the show. “I guess there’s a little more tension in the room than I thought,” he said. And Kevin Spacey finally broke his 8-time losing streak. “I am very pleased I have not ended up as the Susan Lucci of the Golden Globes,” he deadpanned. Globe winners referenced Spacey’s speech the most backstage.

Felicity Jones may have lost to Julianne Moore but she was still celebrating when I caught up to her at the NBC/Universal/E!/Focus Features bash on the roof. “I am just enjoying every minute of it,” she said of the hoopla. “I’m so proud of this film, you know? It’s so rare to have films that don’t have alien invasions in them, so I’m supporting it every bit of the way.” Her Theory of Everything co-star Eddie Redmayne and his Globe made their way to the bar. Emily Blunt and John Krazinski also put in an appearance and I ran into Tina Fey in the hallway near a room where L’Oreal was doing make-up touch ups (a fine idea).

HBO’s bash covered the pool in aqua and yellow and two fire marshals looked on worriedly as the throng around Matthew McConaughey reached alarming proportions. Game of Throners mingled amongst the gardenias and roses and there was a Showtime invasion as the winning cast of The Affair put in an appearance.

As I waited for my ride (a posh shuttle bus) near the hotel’s dumpsters, a Lincoln Navigator pulled around for McConaughey and we both drove off into the night.