Go Behind the Scenes of the Emmys, from the Winners Walk to the Governors Ball

Tracy Morgan was back to his old self, vowing that ladies were going to enjoy his company at the Governors Ball

There were many places to guffaw and cry during last night’s Emmy telecast. Jon Hamm made you laugh when he rolled onstage to accept his award, then the dapper gent got emotional after his first Emmy win for playing Don Draper on Mad Men. Viola Davis avoided a laundry list of suit names when she won, opting instead to quote Harriet Tubman after she became the first African-American to win for Best Actress in a Drama. And Amy Schumer won my Dirk Diggler award after getting super excited for her first ever Emmy win.

Schumer’s excitement followed her backstage to the Winners Walk. “I just hung out with Amy Poehler. She’s the best,” she said. “And the fact that like, I can just stand there and talk shit with her and Tina [Fey] for a minute during a commercial break—my life’s a dream right now.” When the energy in the room ebbed and Schumer asked the front row of journalists if they’d ever had an orgasm, her publicist moved her along.

Regina King floated backstage with her award, and when she found out Viola Davis had won, she said, “I wanna curse so bad right now!” Instead she went with, “Heck yeah!” before commenting on her post-show plans. “I am just going to get off these heels pretty soon and have a martini—two times.”

Jon Stewart and company filtered backstage following their win for Best Variety Talk Series and talked about life after The Daily Show. “If I knew what life was like on the outside, I would have done it sooner,” he said. “You can go out and get a smoothie…at 2 p.m.”

After Tracy Morgan’s surprise appearance (he was injured in a deadly bus crash last year), he and his wife Megan Wollover and their daughter Maven posed for pictures backstage. He said that his comments onstage “came from my heart.” His joke that “a whole lot of y’all women gonna get pregnant at the after-party” may have come from another organ (but we were still smiling. It’s nice to have him back).

You could hardly get into the Convention Center for the Governors Ball as so many people were stopping to take a picture of the sparkly splendor. Everything glittered. In the middle there was what looked like an enormous wedding cake where singers were stationed. The first person I ran into was Schumer once again. She was talking excitedly on the phone while getting her name etched onto her trophy. She was in her own world. While the excitement was palpable, the classy theme got many to sit down and actually enjoy the fabulous Patina-provided meal. Before dessert, tenor Andrea Bocelli took to the rotating stage with David Foster and started his set with “Maria.” It was magical. You could literally not get near Jon Hamm as a clump of ladies followed him everywhere he went trying to get a snap. After he posed with everyone (a gent), he had a bite and we walked out together (well, I was in the clump). He was still smiling as he walked out into the darkness.