Get to Know the Getty Family Tree

The Gettys, which are today mourning the loss of Andrew Getty, are one of L.A.’s most storied clans

Andrew Getty, a grandson of oil baron J. Paul Getty, was found dead in his Montcolm Avenue mansion Tuesday afternoon, according to a statement released by his parents, Ann and Gordon Getty. Getty was reportedly found dead after a female friend called 911. His body was discovered in a bathroom surrounded by blood. Preliminary reports do not point to foul play.

The Getty family, which has a net worth of $5 billion, has a storied history in Los Angeles. Jean Paul grew up and founded Getty Oil here in 1967. He also had five sons (17 grandchildren, 17 great grandchildren, and 4 great grandchildren). When he died in 1976, his children sold the company to Texaco for $10 billion. Today, the Getty museums in Westwood and Malibu are part of the family’s legacy. Andrew’s mother and father have kept that legacy alive; they are long-time fixtures on San Francisco’s social scene. In 1999, it came to light that Gordon, Andrew’s father, has a second family with Cynthia Beck, who lives in Los Angeles. Their three daughters went to court to petition to have their names changed from Beck to Getty. Other notable members of the Getty clan include Andrew’s cousins Aileen, an advocate for the homeless in L.A., and actor Balthazar, who stared in Alias, Brothers & Sisters, and Lost Highway.


Here’s a fuller look at the Getty family tree as it is known to the public today:

JEAN PAUL GETTY had five children

  • George Getty II had one child
    • Anne Catherine Getty Earhart had one child
      • Sara Earhart
  • Jean Ronald Getty had four children
    • Christopher Ronald Getty had three children
      • Isabel Getty
      • Robert Maximilian Getty
      • Conrad Getty
    • Stephanie Marie Getty-Waibel had three children
      • Marietherese Waibel
      • Robert Maximilian Getty
      • Sigourney Waibel
      • Vanesa Waibel
    • Cecile Karin Margarita Getty
    • Christina Therese Getty
  • John Paul Getty II had five children
    • John Paul Getty III had two children
      • Anna Getty
      • Balthazar Getty had four children
        • Cassius Paul Getty
        • Grace Getty
        • Violet Getty
        • June Catherine Getty
    • Aileen Getty had two children
      • Caleb Wilding
      • Andrew Wilding
    • Mark Getty had three children
      • Alexander Getty
      • Joseph Getty
      • Julius Getty
    • Adriadne Getty had two children
      • Natalia Williams
      • August Williams
    • Adriadne Getty had two children
  • Gordon Getty had seven children
    • Gordon Peter Getty
    • Andrew Rork Getty
    • John Gilbert Getty had one child
      • Ivy Getty
    • William Paul Getty
    • Nicolette Getty
    • Kendalle Getty
    • Alexandra Getty
  • Timothy Ware Getty



Crest Illustration by Brown Bird Design