Celebrating UNICEF’s Chinese Children’s Initiative


I like cute words: “Champers.” “To-do.” “Nibbles.” “Conscious Uncoupling.” UNICEF and the Chinese Children’s Initiative provided me with yet another adorable word the other night at their Spring Wing-Ding. How can you not have a good time at a Wing-Ding? You can’t (can’t not, that is). You’re already smiling by the time you get to the “Ding.” The fundraiser—which celebrated Spring and raised dough for UNICEF—was held at Shan (a new private club on La Cienega) in Beverly Hills and do-gooders packed the place.

Partiers dipped into Trader Vic’s Mai Tais (served out of a boat at one of the bars) and tasty canapés. Vhernier had jewels in cases on one side of the joint and a popular silent auction ticked up bids all night on the other side while live music emanated from the second level of the restaurant. You could choose from auction items like stays at the Montage Bev Hills or the Downtown’s Millennium Biltmore and tix to Clippers and Lakers games. You couldn’t flick a crab crostini and not hit a beauty queen sporting a sash and tiara. Acrobats and dragons also slinked around the party. See you at the next to-do. Ring-a-ding-ding.

Photographs by Stefanie Keenan