Caitlyn Jenner Lights Up the Voices On Point Gala in Support of LGBTQ Students

It was her second speaking engagement since the ESPYs

“I was a P.E. major, okay? I don’t even know what Quantitative Economics are,” Caitlyn Jenner joked after reading the laundry list of impressive Point Foundation scholarship recipients and their majors. Jenner was there to present awards to Point Alums Rhys Ernst (a co-producer on Transparent) and Zach Zyskowski (a producer on ABC Family’s Becoming Us as well as Big Brother). This was Jenner’s second big speaking engagement since the ESPY Awards on July 15.

“Isn’t it just wonderful to live your life authentically?” Jenner began. “What a difference it makes. I am so glad to be here tonight, but I have to admit, I’m a little bit nervous. That seems strange for a person who came out as trans on national television. I have to admit that this is a very different group that the ESPY Awards. First of all, when I did that, honestly, I had to divorce myself from where I was. I’d been to the ESPY Awards many, many times. I couldn’t put it in my head. And I’m standing up there in my perfectly executed Donatella Versace gown looking down at LeBron James, Brett Favre, and I’m thinking, I can’t go there. I just have to stick to my speech, get it out, what have you. But somehow when I look at this audience, I just don’t get that feeling that it’s that intimidating to me. This group is so much more colorful. I like that.”

Jenner was introduced by another Olympian, Greg Louganis (the two competed in the 1972 Olympics), “But it wasn’t until tonight,” said Louganis, “that I had the pleasure of meeting the incredible woman she is today—and she’s just as strong, courageous, tenacious, smart, and beautiful as ever.”

The foundation raised loads of dough for their scholarship program aimed at aiding LGBTQ students of merit between inspiring testimonials from Point scholars and alums, roast chicken, and terrific performances by performers like Sara Ramirez and Joey McIntyre. A little more celebrity wattage included: Louganis, Bradley Whitford, Sherri Saum, Amy Landecker, Gavin Macintosh, and Teri Polo.