Books and Cookies

Chudney Ross (Diana’s youngest) opens a party place for wee ones

There are no video games or TVs (hurrah!) in Chudney Ross and Mary Giuliani’s enchanting Books and Cookies space, just oodles of books, toys, treats, tots (and their drivers—i.e. their parents). I can even appreciate the polished cement floors, all the better for the strollers that rolled in during the shop’s rainy opening day on the 17th. The snaps below are from a preview party where it was really a family affair, with Ross’s mother, Diana, and siblings popping by to cheer on the writer/teacher/entrepreneur as she read to her new clientele. The space, on Main Street in Santa Monica, is a bookstore, café, and activities center for the younger set. Preview day also drew folks like Lisa Loeb and Macy Gray. A hand-painted sign on the wall urges young’uns to read the books “gently.” Get more scoop here.


Photographs courtesy Michael Williams/Startraks