Animal House


There’s nothing I like better than a fantastic house-party thrown in a magnificent mansion. I think Uncle Max sums it up for me best when he says to the Countess in The Sound of Music, “I like rich people. I like the way they live. I like the way I live when I’m with them.” Did you notice that big Cape Cod/beach house that just went up on Pontius behind Equinox gym? It’s the new NKLA Pet Adoption Center funded by the do-gooders from Best Friends (it was donated to the group by real estate developer Ron Gershman and his wife Catherine). Homeless cats and dogs now have a swank place to hang out until they find forever homes with no threat of being put to sleep—50% of the pristine facilities kennel space goes to BF’s coalition partners (mostly city shelters). They are smart, these do-gooders, and threw a “Meet Your Neighbors” bash attended by a young crowd who looky-looed throughout the facility (the lobby!) while some adopted animals (which then makes room for another shelter dog/cat to move in). The reaction of the neighbors walking into the front door? “This is beautiful, I want to live here!” Check it out for yourself.


Photographs by Michael Hand / Best Friends Animal Society