An Open Apology: It’s Almost Oscar Time. That Means I Will Be Half Naked Somewhere Near You


I have covered awards and the parties that ensue for almost 20 years. One must wear many evening gowns to such affairs. It is very glamorous. Where I change into said gowns—on the go—is sometimes not so glam. With the Oscars coming up on Sunday, I believe an advance apology may be in order to some of the people and places where I do my quick changes.

The Malibu Lumberyard
When I am coming back from Santa Barbara or Carpinteria on my way to a Sunday awards show (and I don’t want to wrinkle my gown), I pop into your ladies room in my sweats and come out fabulous. Sorry, Country Mart shoppers.

The Beverly Hills Hotel, The Ramada Downtown, The Fairmont Miramar, The Beverly Wilshire, The W Hollywood, The Beverly Hilton, The Century Plaza, and The Four Seasons
When I pull into your 20 minute “Check-Ins” spot, I am not checking in. Sorry. I am using your nice loos in order to get gussied up. If one must change on the go, it may as well be somewhere classy. Full disclosure, Beverly Hilton, I even have a stall I consider…mine.

The parking structures at the Century Plaza and at USC next to the Shrine
I am not alone when shimmying out of my jeans al fresco. Check out the Century Plaza parking structure any Golden Globe Sunday or USC the day of the SAG awards. You can’t flick a cummerbund on any level and NOT hit a journalist, publicist, or cameraperson in various states of undress.

Some front yard in Hollywood
I hang my head as I write this apology. To the lovely folks in whose yard I changed into a poofy Oscar dress one year, I am sorry. My dress was just too fluffy to put on in the front seat of my car. It was dark and I changed my clothes on your very healthy front lawn (I didn’t feel one weed under my bare feet). Let me also send a thank you for not coming outside to take out the garbage or walk the dog or call 911 as I quickly composed my total look.