Amy Schumer Made Harrison Ford Cry at the BAFTA Awards

The comedian’s raunchy stand-up routine was one of many quotable nuggets

It’s hard to get a reaction out of Harrison Ford, but Amy Schumer accomplished the task Friday night while accepting her Charlie Chaplin Brittannia Award for Excellence in Comedy. Schumer did a short stand-up routine, and, while referring to every part of her anatomy, the camera cut to Ford covering his face in shock and laughter. “We [women] work so hard to look so pretty for men, but like, you guys are disgusting,” she began before launching into a tirade on anal sex (the rest you have to watch on Pop on November 6 – whatever they can air). Like usual, the Brits had lined up stellar awardees: Meryl Streep, Sam Mendes, Schumer, Orlando Bloom, James Corden, and Harrison Ford.

What is fun about the Jaguar Land Rover British Academy Britannia Awards presented by American Airlines (besides the sponsor-filled name that sounds an SNL skit) is that awardees forget that the award show will air on TV—eventually. This makes for some fun moments. Actor/comedian Jack Whitehall slayed while talking about the English empire, which “now, sadly, only consists of the Falkland Islands and the SoHo House LA.” Here are some other quotable highlights:

Meryl Streep: “I’m sorry. I didn’t know this was televised. I thought this could be the one nice evening where we could just go on and on.” She then listed and thanked just about every director she had ever worked with before adding a little dig. “I am honored to receive this award [the Stanley Kubrick Britannia Award for Excellence in Film] that has been given to a distinguished group of men…and men.”

James Corden: The late night host spoke up while accepting his Brittania British Artist of the Year Award presented by Burberry. “I didn’t write a speech,” he said. “I didn’t know how I’d feel is the truth. And I feel more emotional then I thought I would, and it’s humiliating how emotional I feel.” He made sure to thank CBS’s Les Moonves, who essentially gave him his big break with The Late Late Show after seeing him onstage in a play.

Sam Mendes: The director cheekily thanked the BAFTAs for “getting me out of the last three days of the international press tour [for Spectre – Nov. 6].” Oh, and for his John Schlesinger Britannia Award for Excellence in Directing. He also gave ten tips for young directors looking to take on an action franchise, my faves being, “Get in touch with your inner 12-year-old” and “You can only point the camera at one thing at a time.”

Orlando Bloom: The do-gooder received the Britannia Humanitarian Award for his work with UNICEF. Bloom gave shout-outs to children he has met all over the globe (by name) but also tried to keep it light. “I actually did not connect with Justin Bieber,” he said after Robert Downey, Jr. brought it up. “And I don’t know Kendall Jenner either, but if anybody’s got her number, I’d love it.”

Harrison Ford: He played it solemn while accepting the Albert R. Broccoli Britannia Award for Worldwide Contribution to Entertainment, but he of course had a wee touch of fun. “It’s a great honor. It’s also very late…I didn’t prepare a speech, I could barely get dressed,” he began. “I really wanted to be an actor because I could not imagine myself having a real job.”