Toasting Musso & Frank, Dressing for Coachella, and Eating $300 Worth of Tempura on LAmag’s Latest Podcast Episode

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There’s just something about Musso & Frank. It’s not really the food, though we honestly crave the avocado cocktail and sand dabs at least once a week. It’s not the martinis either—even if Manny, approaching 90, makes a great one. It’s the ambiance, the history, the fact that in this town where it seems things change every second, nothing here ever does. As editor-in-chief Mary Melton says in this month’s podcast, “It’s like hitting pause on life.” If that doesn’t make you want to curl up in a red booth for a while, we don’t know what does.

In our latest episode, we proclaim our undying love for this Hollywood landmark, and ask members of the Los Angeles magazine staff to share their favorite Musso Moments. We also speak with style editor Linda Immediato about Coachella fashion, learn what happens to Angelyne’s pink Corvettes when she’s done cruising, and spend a week’s rent on some really fancy fried shrimp. It’s all available now on Soundcloud and iTunes.