The Los Angeles Magazine Inter(n)view: Meet Rachel Aragon


Skeptics, schmepticks. Our editorial interns indicate the future of magazine journalism will be bright. From assisting research editor Eric Mercado by checking facts to writing and reporting stories, the small group of student journalists that help us put our print and Web content together is an impressive bunch. For example, meet Rachel, a third-year student at Dartmouth College.

Name: Rachel Aragon
Whittier, California
Favorite writers:
New York Times columnist Gail Collins
Favorite TV show:
The Daily Show and The Office
The Angeleno she finds most interesting:
Sally Field. She has always been a favorite actress of mine. She exudes confidence and warmth. I admire women who are witty and perservere. Plus, how can you not admire her for her roles as Mama in Forrest Gump and Mary Todd Lincoln in Lincoln?
Dream assignment:
Writing a film review for a major motion picture.
Favorite L.A. discovery:
Bottega Louie. The crowd that comes in is so eclectic. Their bakery and portobello mushroom fries are delicious.
Where she sees herself in ten years:
Reporting or producing for a television network or publication and hopefully having time to travel.