The F-Stop: Snap-Chatting With Seal and Nikki Sixx at Leica

Photo editor Amy Feitleberg shares her inspiration of the week

I went to the opening of the new Leica store in West Hollywood last night and it was so packed with German camera aficionados that I was like, “Move over, Seal, I’m trying to talk to photography legend Mary Ellen Mark!’ Oh and by the way, Mark told me she’d love to shoot for Los Angeles magazine. Boom! International pop stars aside, the shop basically looks like an Apple store for really pretty cameras complete with lit up staircase. Of course, you couldn’t really play with any of the cameras  since they were locked away, and there was no goody bag with a free Leica like I had hoped. But if you’re a fan of  the incomparable and expensive camera, it’s worth checking the place out. The highlight for me was seeing Motley Crue’s Nikki Sixx. You have to know, I’m not that much of a metal gal, but the group’s book, The Dirt, is once of the raunchiest glimpses into ‘80s hair band excess you could read and one of my all time favorites, which is exactly what I gushed to Sixx as he shook my hand. For a rocker that has spent days in a closet doing cocaine he has really soft hands.