The F-Stop: Tracking the World’s Most Dedicated Photographers

Los Angeles magazine photo editor Amy Feitleberg shares her shots of the week

I’ve always sort of dreamt of being a photojournalist. Going to dangerous hot spots, bringing back amazing images that change the way people see the world, having sexy affairs with international men of mystery… In reality I never had the guts of shooters like Eros Hoagland, Michael Christopher Brown, and Veronque de Viguerie. So I was glad to hear about HBO’s 4-part documentary series, Witness, (check HBO for local listings) which takes you right in the bloody face of what it’s like on the ground for some of the world’s most dedicated photographers. Watch them slog through Juarez, Libya, Rio and South Sudan while making powerful, haunting images of the part of human nature we just don’t want to see up close.