The F-Stop: Take It Like A Polaroid Picture

In celebration of MOPLA, photographer Carroll Taveras will be snapping her subjects on–wait for it–real film

Time to smile pretty for the camera. Or not. Snarl if you want to. Just go pose for a camera that isn’t a phone for a change! As part of Month Of Photography L.A., Brooklyn-based photographer Carroll Taveras has set up shop for a week (April 7-13) at Space 15 Twenty where she will take your portrait with 4×5 camera using… wait for it…. real film!!!! Film is that thing you can tell your kids used to exist back in the olden days! The cool part is that you get a free polaroid of your portrait and you’ll have an option to buy a digital print. There will also be a show on the 18th of some of her faves that she shoots during the week. You could end up on a gallery wall or at least have a photo of yourself that exists outside of a screen.