The F-Stop: Photo Month Lovin’

Photo editor Amy Feitleberg shares her shots of the week

Look out photo enthusiasts, MOPLA is invading Los Angeles. MOPLA doesn’t cause itching or redness and you don’t need to get any ointment. It stands for Month of Photography Los Angeles, and it includes events, shows, and discussions held all over the city. I’m personally looking forward to Instagram Jam, MOPLA’s first annual Instagram show that is promising to have work from such Los Angeles magazine contributors as Frank Ockenfels, Joe Pugliese, Sian Kennedy, and Justin Fantl. (It’s at Graffiti House on April 12th). I’m also  dying to see Tabitha Soren’s show ‘Running.’ I’m told the iconic former MTV V-Jay is quite an accomplished photographer  (That one’s at Kopelkin Gallery on April 13th). MOPLA, if loving photography is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

Above: Top, Frank Ockenfels. Bottom, Tabitha Soren.