The F-Stop: God Made the Photographer

Photo Editor Amy Feitleberg shares her shot of the week

Last week I blogged about Dodge’s ‘God Made The Farmer’ ad that debuted during the Super Bowl and was made up of still images and reminded us all of the power of the photograph. Apparently I wasn’t the only one stirred up by the commercial. Carrie McCarthy, director of marketing and Jack Snider, an instructor at the famed Santa Fe Photographic Workshops, decided to remix the ad in pure praise of the still shooter. The result is ‘God Made the Photographer.’ Now I won’t say Jake’s voiceover is as stirring as Paul Harvey’s and maybe some of the images aren’t quite as strong, but they get the point across and there are lots of great photos to look at, including some from Kurt Markus, who was featured in the original ad. Very cool.