The F-Stop: Candid Celebs

Photo Editor Amy Feitleberg shares her shot of the week

I miss Polaroid. Nothing is better than that instant image appearing in seconds. Where and how you even find Polaroid film these days is a bit of challenge, let alone the old cube flash that used to sit on top the classic Big Shot 70’s land camera.  Los Angeles-based fine artist Lucas Michael found a way to get the look anyway in some amazing candids at the Golden Globes last weekend. Using the same model camera Warhol did when he photographed so many 15-minute celebs (some of which are featured in our January issue), Michael blasted presenters and winners with a bright retro flash as they dashed down the hallway. You can see the results at, but in the meanwhile here’s a Polaroid of my dad from the ‘70s. It’s not related, just awesome.