The Contributor Q&A: Neal Broverman


Neal Broverman edits L.A. Driver, a blog about the most quintessential—and vexing—of L.A. experiences: getting around

Q: L.A. Driver isn’t a car blog in the traditional sense. Are you a car guy?
A: I wouldn’t call myself a big gearhead, but the sight of an aqua blue 2005 Thunderbird makes me pant.

Q: What’s the craziest story you’ve covered?
A: A person was caught on camera driving Laurel Canyon Boulevard in reverse. I can barely do it facing forward!

Q: Do you have a favorite street?
A: This isn’t original, but Pacific Coast Highway first thing in the morning. It’s just you, surfers, and the rising sun.

Q: Has editing the blog changed your take on driving in this city?
A: I’m always trying to figure out what people really care about when it comes to cars and transportation in L.A. It’s a mix of practicality (how to avoid traffic) and being conscious of the world around us (how to rely on driving less and buying cars that are more eco-friendly.)

Q: You also write about urban development in the magazine and online. Do the subjects dovetail?
A: Certainly. Los Angeles is in a transitional moment. It started out as a streetcar city, went full-tilt boogie for the automobile, and now we’re trying to figure out how cars, bikes, buses, and trains can coexist. There are growing pains.

Q: Do you typically valet or self-park?
A: Self-park. I don’t mind walking a few blocks and I hate waiting for my car to be returned.

Q: Any traffic hacks you’re willing to share?
A: Be smart about when you’re on the road. Don’t make plans at 6 p.m. that require you to traverse the city. If you have a meeting in Silver Lake in the afternoon, plan on having drinks in Echo Park that evening.