The Colleague Q&A: Josh Scherer


Los Angeles magazine’s associate food editor and creator of the Culinary Brodown Instagram feed spices up our online dining coverage

Q: What’s your favorite meal of the day?
A: Dinner. Because after that, my only obligation is to sit on the couch and watch TV.

Q: Do you experience food differently now that it’s your job to eat?
A: If I’m at a restaurant, I analyze the chef’s decisions more. Like, did he or she really want to put flatbreads on the menu, or was it a way to cut down on food costs? But it’s easy to switch off my brain and just eat.

Q: Ever worry about sending our readers to your favorite spots? It’s hard to get reservations these days.
A: Nope! The coolest feeling is when you’re no longer cool enough to get into the place you helped make cool.

Q: Any food trend you’re not happy about?
A: Edible flowers are making a comeback, and we need to nip it in the bud (pun definitely intended).

Q: What dish would be your last L.A. meal?
A: A Kogi short rib burrito slathered with Kris Morningstar’s foie gras terrine.

Q: Do you cook?
A: I do. Actually, I think I’m better at cooking than I am at eating out. I still pour my own wine at restaurants and eat food with my hands.

Q: What’s your signature dish?
A: I grew up in Little Saigon, so I’m always playing around with Vietnamese food. My go-to is braised, then fried pork belly tacos with fish sauce caramel.