The Best of 2012 According to Shayna Rose Arnold

The Los Angeles magazine online content manager shares her personal year-end list

Best Concert: Ryan Adams at Walt Disney Concert Hall
Best Bite:
Eva Restaurant’s poached Maine lobster “vaudovan.” Insane.
Best Tweet:
Nate Silver: “My sh*t doesn’t work in the fantasy football playoffs.”
Best Academy Awards Show Acceptance Speech:
Jim Rash’s right leg.
Best Meme:
“The Most Interesting Man in the World’s Binders Full of Women”
Best Bachelor Moment:
Ashley and J.P. got married!
Best Read:
A Life Worth Ending,” by Michael Wolff. This article about the health care crisis in this country and the author’s relationship with his elderly mother resonated for me—and educated me—on multiple levels.
Best Curiosity Mars Moment:
The whole damn thing! I joined NASA’s live stream the moment it began and was instantly riveted. Never has an online event—let alone something about rocket science—brought me to tears of joy.