The Best of 2012 According to Amy Feitelberg

The Los Angeles magazine photo editor shares her personal year-end list

Best Song: “How” by Regina Spektor
Best TV Show:
The Mindy Project
Best Meme:
“McKayla Is Not Impressed”
Best Exhibit:
Corey Arnold at Bergamot Station
Best Bite:
The pork belly at Sotto
Best Concert:
Sigur Ros at Hollywood Forever!
Best L.A. Discovery:
You can take the 10 from one side of L.A. to the other in 20 minutes on national holidays
Best Viral Video:
You Don’t Own Me
Best Conspiracy Theory:
That I got a gift from Obama to vote for him
Best Curiosity Mars Moment
: The rover takes it’s own self portraits!
Best Taylor Swift Fling:
I can’t keep up