#TBT: Throw a Dazzling ’80s Video Party

Tips and tricks for hosting the most glamorous VHS-viewing fete of the decade

Just in case Vidiots’ 30th anniversary celebrations have left you hankering to relive your pre-Netflix glory days, we’ve dug up a primer on planning the video party of your dreams, courtesy of Los Angeles magazine, October 1985.

First, pick your theme. Might we suggest a classic black-and-white film affair, where “guests are asked to dress in black tie” and all the food is black and white? Or a Caribbean-theme? (“Hire a steel band. Challenge your guests to lip-synch to Bob Marley. Make it a series of pleasant surprises.”)

Regardless of what type of bash you plan on throwing, preparation is key. Here’s what to keep in mind:

– “Serve foods that are easy to eat in the dark, don’t require a knife and fork, and don’t make excessive noise.”

– “If you use a conventional television set, make sure it has at least a 25-inch screen.”

-“A bartender is a great addition for a party with more than seven or eight couples.”

– And finally, “To relive your video party highlights, why not tape it?”