Surprise, Surprise: Editor-At-Large Amy Wallace Wins Our Company’s Wellness Challenge

Our in-house fitness junkie ties for first with thirteen other Emmis employees

In what is possibly the least shocking news of all time, writer-cum-gym rat Amy Wallace tied for first place with 13 other Emmis Communications employees in a company-wide wellness challenge. 

If you’ll recall, Amy was the writer (and victim) of our January Well Being story, in which she kickboxed, kettle belled, and planked her way to a healthier life, all in the name of losing ten pounds before her 50th birthday. With photos like this one, it isn’t difficult to see how she dominated the wellness challenge.

The thirteen-way tie required the first, second, and third place winners to be chosen at random. Sadly, Amy was not among them, but she did receive a consolation prize: Subway bucks. Here, I ask her what she’ll do with the spoils. 

MW: So, Amy, you just won the Emmis Communications wellness challenge and a $10 gift certificate to Subway. What are you going to do with all that dough?

AW: My 16-year-old son and I will probably be getting as many footlong BLTs on honey wheat as that $10 can buy. Which, I presume, is two. Oh, and I will be trying not to eat them. 

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