Snap Chat with a Paparazzo

Rick Mendoza, who shares his story in the February issue of Los Angeles magazine, gets around in his job as a “candid celebrity street photographer.” Here, some of his handiwork, with backstory

Anne Hathaway leaving an antique store on La Cienega Boulevard with her husband

“I thought they seemed very artistic, shopping for antiques.”


David Beckham

“He had just won the 2012 MLS Cup title with the Galaxy. It was two days after at the championship presentation and turned out to be his farewell to L.A.”

Denzel Washington

Denzel Washington at the Bristol Farms on Beverly Boulevard

“He always wears a Yankees hat and I said, ‘Hey, isn’t it time you got a Dodgers hat?’ He gave me a look.”


Johnny Depp signing autographs at a premiere on Hollywood Boulevard

“I asked him if he was an illuminati and he said, no, he doesn’t have reptilian eyes.”


George Clooney signing autographs at a premiere on Wilshire Boulevard

“I went in the early hours and waited till the end so I had great positioning to shoot him close up.”


Lindsay Lohan at a court appearance

“This was the one at the airport courthouse.”


Kat Von D leaving Urth Caffe on Melrose

“She probably eats healthy.”


Lindsay Lohan at another court appearance

“Every time she goes to court she changes her appearance.”


Snoop Dogg

“He’d just come off an international flight. He saw the Pittsburgh Steeler jersey I was wearing (we both love the Steelers) and he said, ‘I love your jersey. Hold on a second. I’ll show you something,’ and he pulled his Steelers blanket out of the bus to show me.”


Zsa Zsa Gabor on her way to the hospital for a checkup

“She’s amazing, still hanging in.”


Jessica Alba was on Sunset Boulevard

“She was out running errands and looking great.”


Jared Leto at the Coachella music festival

“This was 2014. He was looking cool and keeping cool with a coconut water.”


Danny DeVito at the Brighton Coffee Shop in Beverly Hills

“He’s smiling because he caught me trying to get him and the dog in the same frame.”


Amy Poehler at a farmer’s market

“It was either Silver Lake or Beverly Hills (I shoot both), and she was taste testing strawberries.”