Q&A: Design Director Steve Banks on Our Mouthwatering May Cover

The story behind the most eye-catching page of this month’s magazine

When the idea for the sushi cover story was conceived, did you know immediately what you wanted the cover image to be?
Yes. I wanted something big, bold, and delicious looking. But even as you get closer to finalizing the cover image you have to keep the doors open for a better picture! This was a pretty last minute decision.

What design elements were you going for?
Simple, direct, and to-the-point with image and type. The attention span of a prospective buyer is short in the check out line.

Most people don’t know what goes into making food look delicious on film. What factors did you consider when selecting this shot?
It’s all about the Yum Factor. We wanted something that would pop, something that was active, as opposed to a piece of sushi just sitting there. The lighting of this shot really accentuated the food, in a good way.

How much sushi did you eat during the making of this issue?
Not as much as I’d have liked! I had one quick lunch with photographer Andrea Bricco after our cover shoot.

What’s your personal favorite sushi spot?
Well—it’s home delivery, from Asakuma in Venice. I order the seared salmon.