How To Take Flight: Three Pre-Trip Tips For Visiting Malibu Wines

Insider tips so you can make the most of your next trip

In last month’s issue, we suggested staycationers enjoy a beverage at Malibu Wines but provided the address for its corporate office (rather than the tasting room across the way). The correct address is 31740 Mulholland Highway, and it’s open daily from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Here, we’ve asked tasting room manager Amy Lawrence to provide us with some pre-trip tips:

1. Feel free to bring food.
“I’ve seen everything from McDonald’s to the most decadent picnic you can imagine.”

2. It’s open rain or shine.
“There’s a cult group that only comes when it’s raining.”

3. That “wine” fountain is dyed water.
“Drink it and you’ll be very sorry.”