How To Afford The L.A. Life: Five Additional Deals That Give You More Bang For Your Buck


In our April issue we feature eight items with sticker prices balanced out by extra incentives. Here are five more ways to “splurge” while satisfying your inner bargain hunter: 

1. Bluewave Car Wash
Bluewave may be one of L.A.’s more expensive car washes (the Special Wash is $29.95 and takes about half an hour), but they try to make your stay as comfortable as possible; for a few extra quarters, you can wait for your ride in a plush leather massage chair. Oh, and if you get a little peckish, there’s a Tacos El Gallito truck in the same lot. Win-win.

2. Bardot Hollywood
Drinks at Bardot can cost upwards of $10, but if you drop in on a Monday for their “School Night!” event, you’ll avoid a cover charge and get an ear-full of live music—for free. Keep your eyes peeled; A-listers (Sara Bareilles, for example) occasionally make an appearance on stage.

3. Caffe Luxxe
Sure, you’ll end up shelling out $4.25 for an Americano, but you’ll get the ultimate gift in return: peace and quiet. None of Caffe Luxxe’s locations come equipped with Wi-Fi, meaning you won’t have to fight with hovering hipsters who tend to take up seats for hours at a time. Also, the coffee is incredible.

4. The Pacific Opera Project
A night at the opera can be a costly venture. Next time you find yourself craving classical music, consider catching a POP opera, which will only set you back $20. Take a friend and buy a $60 table for two, and the production will throw in a bottle of wine and light hors d’oeuvres. 

5. Miceli’s
For the price of dinner at this red-sauce Italian joint you get a show thrown in free of charge. Waiters and waitresses will serenade you with Italian Arias, show tunes, and classical standards between each of your courses. (And in a town where everyone is an aspiring musician, you can bet that they’ll sing the paint off the walls.)

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