Hear Patric Kuh Talk L.A.’s Best New Restaurants, and More on Our New Podcast

It’s like reading, just with your ears

Reading! Who has the time, are we right? (We really hope we’re wrong.) The truth is most of us spend twice as much time in our cars as we do curled up somewhere with the comforting crinkle of our magazine. That’s part of the reason why we give you a full month to digest it. But it’s also why we’ve launched our new monthly podcast, which provides an aural snapshot of Los Angeles magazine.

Available through Soundcloud and iTunes, the 25-minute program features our editors telling you what to shop for, where to eat, and what to do each month, plus celebrity Q&A’s and behind-the-scenes tidbits from some of our meatiest long form stories.

We have a special guest for our January Podcast: restaurant critic Patric Kuh. Here he walks us through his Top 10 Best New Restaurants, sharing his favorite bits, the dish of the year, and why we shouldn’t be surprised there are awesome restaurants in the Valley.

Stream or download today. And stay tuned each month for a new, audible take on the city we call home.