Headline Fail: What We Would Have Used to Describe the Professional Bull Riders Rodeo Had Wisdom Not Prevailed


Some headlines we write only to amuse ourselves. On the opening page of the Do section in the February issue, there’s a small drawing of a bull rider on a bucking bronco—a callout to the Professional Bull Riders rodeo happening Feb. 8-10 at the Honda Center. The image comes with a text box that requires a headline and a snappy, one-sentence description. I came up with “PBR Me ASAP” for the headline, a riff on the Pabst Blue Ribbon tagline. Unfortunately (or fortunately), I took the advice of one of our sage copy editors, who said, “Too obscure. Waaaay too obscure.” Alas, I am no Banh Ki moon. My subconscious attempt to unite the hipster and cowboy constituencies in punny brotherhood has failed .