Geocaching is Hard. For Us, Third Time’s a Charm

Who knew that hiding a cache would be so complicated?

Hiding treasure sounds so easy: pick a spot, dump/bury/hide the bounty, leave cryptic and/or nonsensical directions on where to find it and then wash your hands of the whole ordeal. Not so for Geocachers. 

Me, on a tiny cart, searching for the perfect location for our Geocache.

When we signed up for this Geocaching business, we didn’t realize how difficult it would be to comply with all the rules (read: a cache must be placed at least .1 miles away from another cache; the cache owner is responsible for life-long maintenance; local laws and land management policies must be taken into consideration before placement, etc.). We thought we covered all the bases the first time we stashed our cache, but alas, we were wrong. 

Today we’ll be hiding our pencil case-cum-Geocache (we’re calling it “”Botanical Cache”) for the third time. Our first two attempts were thwarted by the proximity rule—we unwittingly placed it a mere 128 feet away from the cache “Dorkasaurus Rex” at first; then it lay too close to “Water You Looking At.” Apparently we need to brush up on our scatterplot interpretation skills, because the parameters are outlined quite clearly (and appeals are hard to come by—we tried):


Now, at last, our cache is stashed. Consider the ball back in your court.