Cover Story: Why We’re Serving Up Three Versions of the November Issue

A mushroom, a pomegranate, and a loaf of bread grace the front of our Food Lovers Guide this year

With this year’s Food Lovers Guide, Los Angeles magazine readers are in for a tasty treat at the check-out counter: not one but three covers to chose from. Still life photographer Craig Cutler shot a mushroom, a pomegranate, and a loaf of bread for the three front jackets of our November issue on sale now. Photo editor Amy Feitelberg tells us why:

We wanted this year’s Food Lovers Guide issue to be different. The cover story focuses on food lovers, but I didn’t want a person on the cover. I thought, What if we highlight really beautiful food objects as art instead? Once we settled on that idea, we had so many items we wanted to shoot that doing a split cover made sense.

We shot several varieties of mushrooms, and the we settled on was so stunning it was an easy choice. We also wanted to use a fall fruit, and the pomegranate was perfect because it has texture and color. It wasn’t intentional—but it’s nice that it vaguely resembles a heart. As for the bread image, bread is a staple. It had to be represented. A fourth cover option, an egg, got nixed last minute.

The mushroom is my favorite. That vegetable is so beautiful I can’t believe it’s grown in nature. The whole project feels special, and the feedback has been phenomenal.