Celebrity Quack Double Feature


Photograph by Jill Greenberg

You may notice a familiar face in this month’s “Best New Restaurants” article on newsstands now. Or should we say a familiar bill? The duck who appears on the package’s opening page and in the sidebar article “Life After Foie” goes by Magic, and he’s the very same feathered friend who graced the pages of our magazine back in June when we wrote about the foie gras ban in “The Final Days of Foie Gras.”

Magic was shot along with his sister, Molly, by famed photographer Jill Greenberg, and we wound up with more than a few incredible snaps of the waddling siblings. Our design director Steve Banks took a particular liking to the waterfowl and has been trying to sneak their picture in the magazine for months. Here, he finally got his way—not once, but twice!