Biscuit Recipe Redo

One reader wrote in to tell us about his salty experience with our March biscuit recipe

“Rise And Shine,” in the March eat section, included a biscuit recipe from the Parish’s Casey Lane. “I had a good time baking them with my son in a spur-of-the-moment father-son bonding,” wrote Torrance reader Ben Kae. Eating them was less enjoyable: “the biscuits were inedible as judged by everyone at dinner.” Alas, the recipe should have called for four teaspoons, not tablespoons, of salt. We are chagrined. As consolation, we offered to relay any other burning questions Kae had about biscuit baking to Chef Casey Lane himself:   

Ben Kae asks…
“Southerners swear by White Lily flour for biscuits. Is there really anything special about it?” 

Chef Casey Lane answers:
“White Lily is milled from a softer wheat, which has a more delicate texture but not as much flavor as a hard spring wheat.  I prefer to use the harder, more flavorful wheats, as you can adjust texture with other ingredients. But White Lily is a great flour.”


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