5 Things That Got Us on the Right Track While Putting Out The January Issue


20 pounds
→ Weight lost by photo editor Amy Feitelberg over the seven weeks she worked on the issue. Her favorite number: four. That’s the value of Weight Watchers points in its Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sundae.

10 flavors
→ Varieties of kale chips (and counting) on the market—further evidence of the feeding frenzy surrounding the leafy multivitamin. Having examined L.A.’s borecole obsession, dine editor Lesley Bargar Suter adds her own prediction about the greens trend: “The only place left to go is the iceberg wedge—again.”

150 heave-hos
→ Number of kettle-bell swings performed by senior editor Elina Shatkin as she groaned her way through CrossFit classes. Her ultimate goal is to be able to lift her own body weight and do ten pull-ups.

40 silly-sounding supplements
→ Total packets of Shakeology, the powdered meal replacement, consumed by editor-at-large Amy Wallace since embarking on her mid-life quest to get back in shape. Her 15-year-old son refers to it as “glop,” but she’s hooked.

5 perfect scores
→ Impressive 100 percent earned by associate editor Kari Mozena when she took our company’s wellness survey. She gets her cardio by chasing celebrities for TheSeen.