4 Things We’re Not Supposed to Tell You About The February Issue


→ Zip code of senior editor Linda Immediato’s home, where we found the cozy couple for this month’s cover. Jeremy Seglem is Immediato’s former roommate, and Kristin Kennedy is her new cohabitant. Turns out they’re not just posing. Seglem and Kennedy started dating after the two met during the open house for Seglem’s vacant room. “It’s a Craigslist love story,” says Immediato.

→ Focal length of the camera lens used by photographer Andrea Bricco to shoot the interior of Gorge, the Gallic restaurant reviewed this month by critic Patric Kuh. Good thing it wasn’t a zoom. Bricco inadvertently snapped one picture with Kuh in the background, which editors immediately ditched. Keeping a reviewer’s identity a secret may be tricky, but Kuh says the fare at this new spot is deliciously simple.

6 feet
→ Difference between the nine-foot-wide Skinny House featured in our cover package and the three-foot-wide Narrowest House in Brazil. We almost illustrated the wrong one. Kudos to research editor Eric Mercado for the catch.

→ Decade in which associate editor Leilah Bernstein toured the replica of the Bounty, the ship lost during Hurricane Sandy (which you can read more about it in Matt White’s “The Song Girl and the Sea”). It was docked in Long Beach harbor at the time of her visit.