4 Things That Got Us Primed for Summer While Putting Out The June Issue


295 ounces of beer
That’s the quantity of fresh suds drained by freelance writer and CityThink contributor Nathan Masters (and a few all-too-swilling volunteers) while researching his roundup of locally sold growlers. “I probably drank 96 ounces myself,” says Masters. “But I enlisted five good friends to help me with the other 199.”

15 sparklers
Final tally of mini fireworks that photographer Nigel Parry stuck into Seth Rogen’s suit pocket during our “Summer in L.A.” cover shoot. Despite having a lighted stick inches from his face, Rogen remained calm, which is why he’s our celebrity expert on the summer survival scenarios.

4 pounds of raw meat
Weight of uncooked beef that recipe tester Jeanne Kelley purchased at four butcher shops to make patties for our “L.A. Burger Battle.” After we declared the official winner of the competition, dine editor Lesley Bargar Suter didn’t go home empty-handed. “There was so much extra meat, I had to put it in my freezer,” she says. The next challenge? Coming up with recipes for Best Leftover Meatballs.  (You can see the results of the battle in our June issue on newsstands now)

912 pages
Amount of literary content perused by managing editor Ann Herold for her warm-weather reading recommendations. It’s worth noting that she devoured two novels in less than a week. Step aside, Oprah 2.0!