You’re Welcome/We’re Sorry: L.A.’s Best and Worst Fashion Gifts to the World

When it comes to contributions to fashion history, Los Angeles has a lot to be proud of and (ugh) a few things we need to answer for
BeachyWavesBeachy Waves
Women have been mimicking salty surfer curls for years.
BadWeavesBad Weaves
Fake-hair wearers often end up on the wrong side of the tracks.
MaxFactorMax Factor Makeup
The cosmetics maestro gave movie star glamour mass appeal.
MadeUpMade Up to the Max
Kim Kardashian made massive foundation the star of her daily reality.
PushUpPush-up Bra
Frederick’s of Hollywood was the first to give leading ladies a lift.
JuicyButtJuicy Butt
Designer sweatsuit bottoms turned booties into billboards.
NastyGalNasty Gal
Sophia Amoruso built a clothing empire from an eBay shop.
CreepyGuyCreepy Guy
American Apparel may be sweatshop free, but Dov Charney is still drippy.
UggUgg Boots
They’re supercomfy slippers disguised as boots…
UggUgg Boots
…but they never should’ve left the house.